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Wild Stallion Elite – R-T-U Horse & Livestock protection

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Wild Stallion is a horse and livestock bug spray.  Helps protect against insects that continually plague our animals.

  • Made from Natural Cedarwood oil
  • Controls insects in all stages of life, including fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes and mites
  • Ready-to-use (Do not dilute)
  • Use daily, weekly or as needed
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Wild Stallion Cedar- Elite

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WILD STALLION CEDAR-ELITE organic fly & insect treatment kills adult insects while dehydrating the eggs yet is non-toxic and safe enough it can be used on newborn colts, ponies and nursing mothers. 

Wild Stallion application: Spray liberally on animals. Do not spray in eyes, nose or mouth.  Apply in hand and gently rub in facial areas.                                                                                  

Skin issues: Can be used to treat skin, ear and hoof issues (Thrush).  Treat areas 3 times per day until desired results.                                                                                                            

All animals are amazingly beautiful and sensitive creatures. They require understanding, patience and a great deal of care. A good animal owner will observe their horses, sheep, goats, livestock, exotics, and pets with an instinctive discipline of their animal’s health and welfare. If a problem is observed, the instinct is for immediate action. To the animal, this action is required.

A healthy and responsible relationship with your animal requires respect, trust and a desire to please!

Catching problems before they become serious usually allow responsible owners a simple solution. To fully enjoy your animals, you must treat them with respect, kindness, and care. In the end, a happy animal will mean a happier owner.

There are several insects that can cause damage and irritation to horses, cattle, and swine inside and outside of barn areas. These insects include biting flies, flies, lice, bots, and arthropods such as mites and ticks may cause problems. The control of insects associated with horses, cattle and swine and their premises can be controlled with our cedar oil formulations and cedarwood granular.

Additional products barns & stalls   

Cedar Granules:  Spread in stalls & other areas of concern

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 9 in

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