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Our products are effective on a variety of biting insects here are a few of them:

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  • Fleas

    You were right Dr. Ben, you told me the bombs were a waste of money and they would not kill the fleas. My husband would not believe me and went to some exterminator supply store and bought a whole case of them. They assured him that they would easily kill the fleas. They told him it was the same stuff that Terminex and Orkin used. He let off all twelve at once in different rooms. So much for that. Never killed the first flea anywhere. Just aggravated them and caused them to breed. I used the gallon that came in the Evictor Kit and that neat sprayer. Killed them all in one sitting. Smells good in the house now. The Cedar covered up all the horrible chemical smell the bombs left behind. Now if I can get over the horrible sinus infection I got from the bombs I will learn to live again. My doctor suggested I not use insect control chemicals in the house. He said they cause a lot of problems with the immune system in people and their animals. Says he canceled his exterminator contract years ago. He has my undivided attention. I'll just use the Evictor Kit. It really works great. Thanks for helping me Cedar Oil Industries.

       Lois Knutson............Memphis, Tennessee

  • Bed Bugs

    Hello Dr. Ben.... Thanks for helping me through the most horrible event of my life. In my 68 years of life I have never been so embarrassed, humiliated and overwhelmed by anything like I was from the recent Bed Bug infestation. Until I talked to you it appeared that everything I did to combat the problem made it worse. It also sucked my purse dry. ! The church asked me to house some missionaries for them that were on a furlough. I guess that is where the bugs came from. I don't know that, but I have to satisfy myself they came from somewhere. Ben, I had thousands of them. Evidently they had been here for a while and had been multiplying at full throttle. I never knew I had them until my grandkids came to stay for the summer. I live in a rural setting just outside of Richmond. My bedroom is down stairs. The kids stayed upstairs in the three bed rooms their parents resided in when children. They kept complaining about insect bites so I called the exterminator. He comes every month and sprays the house and yard for me. He said he found nothing in the house but sprayed extra heavy in the upstairs rooms. One night little Jill woke me up screaming. I went upstairs and there were bugs all over her bed. When I turned on the light they all started disappearing. I let her sleep with me that night and the next day I called the exterminator back to do something. He said there was nothing he could do since he just sprayed the rooms a week ago and the chemical he used was very toxic and he could only apply it once a month. I felt like I was getting fed a line of BS so I went to the Internet searching for a solution. I found all kinds of them and I tried them all. Snake Oils. Not one of them worked. By now all three kids were sleeping with me downstairs. I was desperate for a solution. As a last resort I called my Ex husband in Houston. He heard you talking about the product you made for the Army on the radio one day. I googled Dr. Ben Oldag and found you at Cedar Oil. Long story short, I purchased the fogger and several gallons of the Evictor Kit and we fogged the whole house and the attic. Ben, you wouldn't believe all of the dead bugs we found the next day. And the Bed Bugs, like you said, a lot of them were hiding under the bed in the hollow box spring cavity. Literally hundreds of them. Those in the walls, it appears that fogging the attic killed them. When I pulled the electrical plug covers off they fell out dead all over. Incidentally, I fired the exterminator like you suggested. I will do my own bug control from now on. Those exterminator guys are a joke. I think he was spraying water. By the way, the kids and I made brownies today (Thanksgiving Day) and are sending them to you for Christmas. They will be here for two weeks over the holidays and they thank you very much for the bug free beds ! I can tell my story now. It has a happy ending, thanks to you and the fine folks at Cedar Oil. Bye the way, I ordered the INDOOR OUTDOOR FLEA ERADICATION KIT for my sister in Florida. It will be her Christmas Present. Everytime I go to visit her the fleas eat me alive. Guess we will stop that nonsense !

       Wilma Marie Conklin............Richmond, Virginia

  • Scorpion Control

    Hi Cedar Oil...Thank you Dr. Ben and Cedar Oil Industries. Just a note to let you know what a wonderful product Natures Defender is. In the last year I have wasted over 1200 dollars with a National Exterminator Company from Phoenix trying to get this infestation of Scorpions in my home under control. In April my three year old daughter got bit on the toe when going to the bathroom one night. It was a horrible event. She spent seven days in the hospital. For a while the Doctors were anticipating leg amputation but thanks to a new serum they finally got the poison out of her system. I have been told we are lucky and that the bite could have easily killed little Amy. A college friend of mine from Texas told me about Cedar being a Scorpion Chaser. She said her daddy spread Cedar Granules around the outside of the house and barn to keep the rascals away. She contacted him in Marble Falls and got your phone number for me. I called and talked to the inventor of Defender, Dr. Ben Oldag. He said to spray the watered down concentrate in the house first and then do the yard with the sprayer that hooks up to the garden hose. I followed his instructions exactly. Then I put some of the Cedar Granules around the foundation of the house as a extra protection. I want you to know my husband and I counted 22 Scorpions exiting the house during treatment. It really roots them out of hiding. Since that time I have not seen one. My husband gets up at night and looks for them with a flashlight but has never found another one. For a mere $100 dollars spent with Cedar Oil I have solved my Scorpion deliemma. I demanded a refund from the Exterminator Company today and then I cancelled my contract. I have since learned that they were spraying Pyrethroids in my home. The only thing they were killing was me and my family. I hope you post this testimonial on the Cedar Oil website so other folks can get up to speed on how to control Scorpions without hospital time and giving the family jewels to the thieving Exterminators in return for ZERO results. I fully intend on suing them for the money I paid and the grief they have caused my family. THANKS AGAIN Cedar Oil and Dr. Ben. If you ever come to the Phoenix area let me know. I want to give you a big hug and buy you a steak dinner.

       Katrina Louise Jarvis Apache Junction, AZ

  • Motel Owner + More

    Okay Cedar Oil, I am a believer. I drove down from Austin Saturday Morning, stepped up to the plate and purchased a case of the Evictor Kit solution and the Tri-Jet Fogger. I got back to Austin by 2:00 PM and started fogging the Motel Rooms. Got all 120 of them done by 6:00 and had full occupancy by 2 AM this morning. Folks are checking out as I write this and not one flea bite complaint. That is the first time in many months. Everyone is full of compliments about how fresh the rooms smell ! You win folks. I like this comfort level. Since there is no license required to fog this substance my house keepers can do the treatment. I already sent a email to the exterminator we have used for 15 years and bid him farewell. I wish I had the money I spent with him all those years. I don't even want to tell you how much that is. I am going to do as Dr. Ben suggested and fog the rooms once a month as a preventative maintenance agenda. Also, for what it is worth, the smoking rooms took on a whole new aroma. I instructed the cleaning ladies to do a quick fog in those specific rooms at least once a week to keep the tobacco odor under control. Thanks for a great product. I would love to give the name of the Motel in this testimonial but cannot because we are a member of a National Chain. But I want you to post this to your website so other motel operators can experience the awesome results this cedar oil agenda provides to the hospitality industry. And to be sure they know it will save them a whole lot of money in the end.

       Maureen O'Riley, Manager......A Motel in Austin,Texas

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