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Made from cedar trees, the cedar granules act as a natural repellent to insects while remaining safe for
children and pets.  A good barrier around bushes and plants!

  • Kills all life cycles and repels fleas, ticks, ants, mosquitoes, & mites
  • Safe for plants, children and pets
  • 10lb bag covers 2500 sq.ft.
  • 20lb bag cover 5000 sq. ft.
  • Earth friendly
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Natural Cedar Mulch your families organic Insect repellent

Mother Natures Ultimate weapon to out-door insect problems:
Repels fleas, ticks, roaches, scorpions, termites, heat seeking venomous snakes and other nuisance insects.

Red cedar granules/mulch will repel all those little nasty creatures crawling in your lawn and garden These granules contain high concentrates of aromatic red cedar oil which is offensive to insects. It has no effect on beneficial insects such as butterflies and pollinating bees.

Directions for Use with Cedar Granule’s
Lawn Areas:
Pour bag contents into a fertilizer spreader. Open to highest setting of the spreader. Broadcast the Cedar granular over the entire area with one pass.
If you do not have a fertilizer spreader, then hand toss method is also acceptable.

Horses, cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats, exotics

Bedding: As an insect repellant or use to control the odors in your barns, pour the cedar granular evenly over their current bedding to cover the entire area. This makes a great repellent for insects in farm and fowl barns. Use approx. 20lbs. per 5000 sq. ft. of stall coverage. Evenly apply a 2 foot wide band next to the barn foundation to ward off insects & scorpions from ever entering your barn.

Flowerbed Areas: Hand Toss on top of existing mulch beds. You can apply over any type of mulch material such as pine needles, colored mulches, pine mulch, cypress mulch. After the mulch is to your satisfaction, simply hand tosses the Cedar granular through out the beds. The main purpose of applying Cedar granular under shrubs is to deter mosquitoes and other crawling insects from harboring in these areas of concern.

On Ornamentals & Flowers

• Apply 10 lb evenly over each 500 sq ft. area. Repeat if there are signs of renewed insect activity.
• Product is not to be incorporated into flowerbed soil, but to sit on top of the flowerbed to give off its cedar odor.

Vegetable Gardens

• A single application of 5 lb per 500 sq ft may be applied just after the planting or after plants emerge.
• Use 10 lb of product for a 500 sq ft. area for mature gardens

Home Foundation

• Excellent Scorpion control when you evenly apply a 2 foot wide band next to the home foundation to ward off insects from ever entering your home like termites and scorpions. Use as needed.

The single coverage application is recommended if your lawn has no visible insect populations or you are on maintenance from a previous application of Cedar granular

If you are using Cedar granular for the first time, we recommend that you double your concentration to get your insect population under control

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 11 in

10lb Bag, 20lb Bag

9 reviews for Cedar Granules

  1. Frederick H. (verified owner)

    Great product 👍

  2. Veronica S. (verified owner)

    We love the cedar granules. They work.

  3. Chicahuac N. (verified owner)

  4. Phil (verified owner)

    if people new how this works and in no way harms them self’s or there pets, I don’t know if you could keep up in supply…

  5. Elnor Hobbs (verified owner)

    I find this to be a lawn essentially.

  6. Veronica S. (verified owner)

    Excellent, I don’t want bugs ,but I don’t want to hurt my land with poisons. This site is perfect, I am very happy.

  7. Phil (verified owner)

    I had a good commit going and something happened and I lost it all, lol About Cedar Chest, Cedar lined closets, wool clothes, etc.. gone… Oh, well!! Just spread in your yard and kiss insects good by.. It works like overnight.. This is not “B.S.” or “Smoke” in your face, it works.. Thanks Folks

  8. Phil S.

    Oh, I forgot to say, I waited for a small breeze to come, then just threw into the air and let the breeze spread it, worked great. scattered along fence line, presto, was done… lol

  9. Phil S.

    We had a mess of fleas in our yard last year. Couldn’t let our two dogs outside as they would get covered with them. Well I read about this and decided to give it a try, man glad I did..It was like overnight and they were GONE.. I’m getting a few this year(2019) July 01, so I’m looking to get them again… lol

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