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Dr. Ben's Paws & Claws Organic Pet Shampoo
cedar oil spray for flea & tick treatment- PAWS & CLAWS Cedar Oil Spray, How to kill fleas, Flea spray for dogs Organic Pet Shampoo
Simply spray the animal directly with Paws & Claws and the fleas will be killed instantly, leaving your pet flea free.
Spray Paws & Claws Liberally on your pet, this application will leave your pet flea free and repel pest up to 3 hours outdoors.

Paws & Claws is fast becoming the synthetic chemical-free product of choice for concerned consumers and pet professionals for the control of fleas both on-pets, on pet beds and inside the home.
Organic Pet Shampoo Made From Organic Oils
Cedar Oil Industries is very pleased to introduce our first Organic Pet Shampoo to grateful pet owners everywhere. Finally, a safe and nontoxic alternative to detergent and chemical cleaners is available for our furry friends. This wonderful product is perfect for sensitive pets.
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5 star rating 5 star rating
Natures Defender "R.T.U." Lawn & Kennel Spray Natures Defender Lawn, Kennel & Pet Treatment (Concentrated Formula)
BUY NATURE'S DEFENDER VET'S CHOICE 32 OZ. HOSE END SPRAYER Natrues Defender Vets Choice Concentrate
NATURES DEFENDER LAWN & KENNEL TREATMENT - No measuring or mixing with this easy to use “Chemical Free” spray. Simply hook up to your garden hose and start cleaning and killing bacteria, mildew and insect infested areas from Kennels, barns, stalls, dairy barns, dog runs and other large areas. LEAVES THE AREA SMELLING LIKE THE OUTDOOR TEXAS HILL COUNTRY. Also used to kill fleas, ticks and other un-welcome critters harboring in lawns. This product is used in and around barns and stables to repel mice, rats, heat seeking venomous snakes and scorpions. A safe 100% natural cedar oil solution. This 32oz concentrate bottle makes 8 Gallons ready to use solution..
NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR DR. BEN'S PAWS & CLAWS) No longer the Vet's Best Kept Secret. VETS CHOICE is a Cedar Oil formulation for the Animal Health Industry for treatment of burrowing insects, Burrowing Mange Mites and other skin issues common to Pets, Poultry, Dairy, Equine, Goats, Sheep, Llamas and all other domestic or exotic mammals. (DO NOT USE AROUND EXOTIC BIRDS OR PET ROTDENTS) VETS CHOICE is approved for use on newborn offspring and the nursing mother.
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5 star rating 5 star rating

At we have worked with cedar oil products for over 8 yrs now, 2015.
The past 5+ years have been with Dr. Ben's that I could provide and sell directly to my standard poodle customers and the public.
Cedar oil products have done what I need in protecting myself and my poodles from spiders, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes here in central MN. With cedar oil products and fogger I have been able to have a flea free home for all of these years. Ticks are cut to only a half dozen found on ALL my poodles all the spring, summer and fall months of their seasonal life. MN is known for being among the worst states for the tick born diseases known as Lyme’s and ehrlichia so this is major to protect my poodles with Dr. Ben's. We spray the poodles twice a week during these months as well as always washing them with Dr. Ben's cedar oil shampoo. Before I started using Dr. Ben's, customers were calling me with their pets coming down with seizures, which I test all my adults and are clear of any hereditary known problems. I would recommend cedar oil instead of the vet recommended flea and tick spot on’s and the seizures ALL stopped! I also recommend the Nuvet vitamin supplement, code #89093, to help them while they got healthy again.
We spray 8 acres of parks with Dr. Ben's during the needed months to cause the critters exodus or demise to help protect everyone. My staff members are required to spray themselves before going out into the parks for their protection. I have found these to be the healthiest organic products on the market for our health and protection. Dr. Ben's owners always find time to answer my questions, drop ship products to my customers in the most timely manner, and care for their questions and considerations. So very appreciated when I don't have the answers and the experts can help them directly with their needs.
A customer forever:

Tes Ingebritson

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