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About Us

The green movement is no longer just a fringe movement; It has become a reality among ordinary consumers "a wake-up call" around the world. It's a new understanding for many of us about the impact we and the products we consume have on the sustainability of our lives, communities and what we leave behind for our children.


Our vision at Cedar Oil Industries is a commitment to improve environmental health for future generations by balancing the needs of our customers with sustainable solutions which protect the soil, air and water. We will achieve our vision to communities worldwide by innovative thinking and integrity.  

Sustainable & Effective

Every product our team brings to market is designed to be safe for professionals, consumers, pets and the environment. You will feel good about treating your home, pet and business both inside and out with Cedar Oil Industries family of products. Our team is committed to providing natural & effective solutions to everyday problems.  

Our Goal

Our goal at Cedar Oil Industries is to build new partnerships with consumers, proactive National & International pest control, landscape & retail businesses. This partnership will bring new and exciting biological products as an environmentally friendly way to attain positive results.

At Cedar Oil Industries, we understand there is no magic bullet or any one product which can eliminate all the insects in the world, however; our products offer concerned consumers, businesses and contractors a place to shop for bio-based products that will help in controlling and repelling insects using environmentally friendly solutions.

Professional Businesses

Cedar Oil Industries sustainable and effective products are uniquely balanced alternatives to harsh chemicals. Our natural chemistry provides Pest control professionals, superintendents, landscape contractors, turf managers and the agriculture industries with solutions that help control pest problems which can become a real nuisance.

This natural chemistry has endless applications for a variety of industries where a single insect can cause havoc on plant and human life.   

For years, professional applicators and growers have had success with our environmentally friendly solutions for insects that can destroy plant life and disrupt human moral. Today, consumers, administrator’s, growers and professionals can confidently achieve results without using harmful chemicals.

Protecting communities throughout the world with Innovative solutions