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WOOD SEALER - wood sealer  water repelent


Our Price: $49.95

Product Code: WS6004


WOOD TREATMENT! The ultimate in WOOD PRESERVATION. This dynamic product triggers the early stages of WOOD PETRIFICATION.Petriwood is a PENETRANT, not a coating. Treat your OLD OR NEW deck, dock, fence, outdoor furniture, equine center and any other wooden or bamboo construction with this dynamic Cedar Oil and Silicone solution. This product successfully seals up concrete-brick-stucco & center block. Works on wood and cement roofing material. Excellent product for sealing up basements from moisture leaching in. Petri-woods unique penetrating ability gets to the core of the wood and delivers a water, insect and decay proof treatment that will eliminate splitting, checking, cupping and expansion or contraction of the wood. Fastener rejection is eliminated. Strength is increased by fiber and cellular adhesion.

Petri-wood provides protection in below zero to 130f degree temperatures. Can be used inside or outside. Apply using a compression sprayer, air or airless paint guns, brush or roller. Water or oil based paints and stains can effectively be applied after treatment.
How This Product Works:

PETRI-WOOD© solution penetrates the cellular structure of green or kiln dried timber and wood media derivatives such as OSB and particle board. Petri-Wood proprietary non VOC solvents cross linked to specially refined red cedar wood oil turpenes and siloxene synergist, displace moisture while entering all wood structure through their vascular system.

PETRI-WOOD carriers deliver the antimicrobial and termiticidal agents to the wood cell structure where it is encapsulated and solidified by permeable silicone molecules. Natural wood oils are transformed to a wax-like consistency similar to glue which mirrors the effect of an internal adhesive increasing the solidity of the treated product. PETRI-WOOD treated wood fibers resist efforts of all cellulose consuming insects and moisture borne fungal and decay organisms. PETRI-WOOD treatments result in water resistant and dimensionally controlled building material for above ground construction. Paint or stain ready in 72 hours. There is no offensive odor or transferable residue associated with Petri-Wood. All components are FDA, GRAS and EPA 25b list approved as minimum risk pesticides by the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996.

Equipment & Tools Required


Always remember to cover any existing plants or grass in the immediate area.  You are spraying a Penetrant that will render the plant moisture free.  When you have completed the job it is always a good idea to soak the surrounding area down with a water hose, just in case.

Ladders, Brooms
Drop Cloths, Tape
Respirator or Mask, Goggles & Rubber Gloves
Plastic Bucket (clean up)
Paint brush roller & Brushes incase of equipment failure
Rags & Sand Paper
Hammer, Screws & Nails, Electric Drill
Extra 2x4's & 2x6's just in case
Camera (before & after photo's

Pressure Washers:                                                                                                                                    For best results, always clean the surface first. Appling the PETRI-WOOD while surface is still wet will give you the best results.  It’s very important if you have not used a pressure washer, that you practice, practice & practice to make sure you do not scare the wood.  You should always use the lowest pressure and largest tip size that will clean the wood sufficiently, quickly, and with minimal chance of scarring damage.

Airless Spray gun & other apparatuses for treating the surfaces:                                                                                                                                For best results use an airless sprayer that offers a 100 to 500 PSI and contains an engine of 1/4 to 1/2 horsepower.  You can also use a pump up sprayer, backpack sprayer or paint brush.

Dipping method:  Leave soaking for 1 hour, let dry for 72 hours

Hot & Cold Bath:                                                                                                                                                      The thermal process or hot-cold bath involves placing wood in a tank of hot preservative oil followed by immersion in cold preservatives. The hot bath heats and expands the air within the wood, forcing some of the air out. The wood is then immersed in the cold bath and the heated air contracts pulling preservative in with it.

Application Rates for wood projects:                                                                                                            Note:  You only need to do one side of the wood, as it will be absorbed throughout the entire wood structure.  Always work in a maximum area of 100 sq. ft. using a wet on wet spraying method. 


Wood thickness 2X—(2x4--2x6) requires a minimum of 3 applications for total penetration.  One gallon will treat 100 sq ft

Wood thickness 1X—(1x4--1x6) requires a minimum of 2 applications for total penetration.  One gallon will treat 150 sq ft

Example:  If you’re doing a 400 sq. ft. Deck you would start at one end and do 100 sq. ft. increments, when you are done, you will then go back to where you started, and do it again, and then one more time completing all 3 applications before moving on to the next 100 sq. ft.  You would also use the same application process on fencing material except you would only apply 2 applications. 

Application Rates for Concrete, brick block projects:                                                                                             Use same directions as used in the wood surfaces for 2X a minimum of 3 applications for total penetration. 





Let dry for a minimum of 72 hours for best results. Application is best accomplished in the heat of the day. Wood expands and contracts with heat until it is treated with PETRI-WOOD.  Application should be done in warmer temperatures which accelerates the penetration levels by expansion of the wood and will subsequently shorten the application time.

Horizontal Treatments:                                                                                                                        Apply Petri-Wood to a defined area of approximately 100 square foot or less. Using the wand or spray head, discharge the liquid in a spray or mist, holding the nozzle very close to the wood. On horizontal surfaces keep applying the fluid until the surface appears glossy wet. Return to the starting point and reapply again when the solution has soaked into the wood. Repeat at least three times or until the last application appears to be resisting rapid penetration. Petri-Wood will then wick itself into the wood and the fluid will migrate vertically and horizontally throughout the fiber structure. Move on to the next designated area and repeat the above process. Make sure that you have enough liquid to finish the defined area as partial treatment will not produce a ONETIME LIFETIME result. Treatment from both sides is not necessary however adequate amounts of Petri-Wood must be applied to insure total penetration. For added Ultra Violet surface protection you can re-treat the surface with Petri-Wood at any later date. The absorption at that time will be minimal and the solution will be contained to the top surface area of the wood.  Approx. 20 days after 1st application

Vertical Treatments:                                                                                                                             When treating Vertical surfaces, start at the top and treat in the direction of the bottom allowing any run off to be utilized by the untreated wood. Patience must be practiced when applying vertical surfaces as keeping the wood surface wet with solution is more difficult than on horizontal areas. Sometimes the use of a brush is more appropriate than the spray nozzle. Application with an airless gun is desirable for large areas such as Log Cabins and Fences. The Airless gun will inject the fluid instantly into the wood triggering a rapid wicking of solution and eliminating any tedious application efforts. Be sure you request the SMALLEST NOZZLE available for the gun.                                                                                  

APPLICATION OF STAIN OR PAINTS:                                                                                                                                  Oil based stains or paints are recommended for application to Petri-Wood wood. These types of coatings are more adaptable to a solvent treatment than the water based formulas. However, either can be used effectively and without any issues. A 24 hour waiting time is recommended for Oil Based Stains or Paints. A 72 hour waiting time is required for Water Based Stains. Surface wear areas such as walkways and heavy traffic will experience higher levels of wear resistance when coated with oil based products. Paints and Stains will experience a extended adhesion when applied over wood treated with Petri-Wood as the wood will no longer "move", the phenomenon that is responsible for rejection of all deck, dock, fence coatings and paints.                                                                                    
CLEAN UP OF EQUIPMENT:                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Clean up is easy with Petri-Wood. There is none! Simply put the cover back on the unused product and store in an area free from any open flame. The product has a perpetual shelf life and will always be ready for you to use on the next project, perhaps the bottom of the doors, door jams or sill plates that insist on rotting. Perhaps the sophet or facial boards of the buildings.



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