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About Our Company

Cedar Oil Industries proudly offers a broad and successful line of Mother Nature’s Natural products. This line of Unique Cedar Oil Formulations was designed for consumers, contractors and growers who are searching for Bio-based Products; more specifically direct contact kill products, repellents, organic fertilizers & wood protection products to replace synthetic chemical application. Today’s governments, enterprises & consumers are doing more than just talking a good environmental game when it comes to spraying pest control products. They are fundamentally changing the way they look at themselves, their families, their cities and quickly mastering the shift from “me” to “Our communities”

"We should no longer accept the counsel of those who tell us that we must fill our world with poisonous chemicals; we should look about and see what other course is open to us." - Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, 1962

How to sum it all up?
It’s not just about you — or me, or anyone else in particular.
It’s about all of us — “We the Environment”

Our Cedar oil formulas do not leave harmful residuals, do not poison soils, water resources and are safe around our children, elderly & our pets. We are seeking to build partnerships, long term relationships between consumers, contractors & retailers worldwide through product knowledge while earning your trust with a complete line of Bio-Based products. A true One-Stop-Shopping experience for concerned consumers & companies!

About Us Continued...

Killing and controlling nuisance insects are becoming more and more challenging for Pest Control companies and store bought synthetic pesticides. Leading entomologist, Scientist and Universities are beginning to agree that insects and their eggs are becoming more resistant to the same synthetic pesticides that have been used for more than 60 years The EPA, the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Public Health Association have all voiced their concerns about the dangers that these chemicals pose to our communities.

There is no magic bullet or any one product which can eliminate all the insects in the world however; our site offers businesses in the pest control industry and concerned consumers a place to shop for bio-based products that will help in controlling and repelling while building barriers of re-entry using environmental friendly solutions.

The green movement is no longer just a fringe movement; it is a paradigm shift in how we understand our relationship with our environment and our own communities at large. It has become a reality among ordinary consumers "a wake-up call" around the world.

Today unlike any time in history ordinary consumers, groups, alternative Vets, Doctors and

Scientist are exposing the truth about synthetic pesticides produced by large chemical companies, promoted by highly paid lobbyist then used by pest control organizations which most consumers were unaware of the long term health and environmental effects which these products have either caused or contributed too. It's a new understanding for many of us about the impact we and the products we consume have on the sustainability of our life, communities and what we leave behind for our children.

What foot Print do you intend to leave?

Cedar Oil Industries
Have a bug free day!

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