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The original pioneer of the Cedar oil movement & formulations Dr. Ben...
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Cedar Oil Industries proudly offers a broad and successful line of synthetic free products. All which have been reviewed and validated by Universities studies, Independent Research Labs, consumers world wide and other third parties. Those consumers, contractors and growers who are searching for Bio-Products, more specifically OMRI Certified Fertilizer, Bio-insect killers, neutralizers and repellents to help control common pest including  products that do not leave harmful residuals, poison soils, water resources and are not hazardous to children, elderly or our pets you have come to the right store.  We are looking to build partnerships, long term relationships between contractors, retailers & consumers worldwide through product knowledge while earning your trust with a complete line of synthetic FREE pest products.  
A true One-Stop-Shopping experience for concerned consumers!

How to kill fleas, how to kill bed bugs and other nuisant insects are becoming more and more challenging for Pest Control companies, Leading entomologist, Scientist and Universities who are begining to agree that insects and their eggs are becoming more resistant to the same synthetic pesticides that have been used for more than 60 years. There is no magic bullet or any one product which can eliminate all the insects in the world however, our site offers businesses in the pest control industry and you the consumer a place to shop for bio-products that will help in killing, neutrilizing and repelling while building barriers of re-entry using environmental friendly solutions.

Unfortunately, moving into the future using traditional methods is also becoming more challenging around children, elderly, pregnant mothers, the sick and our pets who are very sensitive to synthetic pesticide exposure at home, school, housing authorities, day cares and nursing homes as it affects their neurological, respiratory, and immune systems. The EPA, the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Public Health Association have all voiced their concerns about the dangers that these chemicals pose to our communities.

The green movement is no longer just a fringe movement; it is a paradigm shift in how we understand our relationship with our environment and our own communities at large. It has become a reality among ordinary consumers "a wakeup call" around the world.
Today unlike any time in history ordinary consumers, groups, alternative Vets, Doctors and Scientist are exposing the truth about synthetic pesticides produced by large chemical companies which most of us including the pest control industry where unaware of the long term health and environmental effects which these products have either caused or contributed too. It's a new understanding for many of us about the impact we and the products we consume have on the sustainability of our life, communities and what we leave behind for our children. 
What foot Print do you intend to leave?



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Cedar Oil Industries

Disclaimer:Prior to purchasing our products online or over the phone you agree you have read and understand the below statement in full and agree with their terms and conditions prior to purchasing and use...
NOTE: Prior to applications of Paws & Claws on cats we recommend testing a small area with one squirt or a small amount sprayed in your hands and then applied to their hind quarter (small area) Felines have the tendency to lick/themselves clean of the cedar oil products as they are simply keeping inline with their cleanliness habits. Should this occur it may cause vomiting followed by looking lethargic. If this should occur make sure plenty of fresh water is available.
Although this does not usually happen with dogs it is strongly recommended especially smaller breeds of dogs to follow the same guidelines.
We would like to make sure that there is no miscommunication, misleading or false claims by our company with users of our products. We do our very best to insure your overall success and experiences with our natural alternatives. They are for people & companies who are searching for bio-products. The entire contents of our website are based upon the opinions of cedar oil industries, unless otherwise noted. Individual articles & testimonials published on this web site are based upon the opinions and research of the respective author, who retains copyright as marked. The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified personal or pet health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of cedar oil industries, research documents and personal experiences of cedar oil industries and their customers. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified veterinarian or health care professional. We do not guarantee any results unless stated. You should never fog around children, expecting mothers, elderly or pets.During fogging one should take precautions and wear protective air mask and eye protection.
Note: Always allow rooms to properly air out prior to re-entry, if pregnant make sure their is no lingering order that may affect your senses prior to entry.   After using our products a faint woodsy aroma may linger for a few days until  it has completely migrated itself to atmosphere.  You are spraying Cedar Oil and their is a woodsy aroma from the spraying or fogging if you do not like the aroma of cedar or should you feel your pets may be affected when applied to their bodies by this aroma/spray than we encourage you not to use our products. 
Never apply our products around gas appliances or other apparatuses while the pilot light is still on.
Make sure prior to using a fogging device that all fire alarm systems are turned off.
You may return an un-used item for re-fund minus a 15% restocking fee plus 3% bank fees on charge cards. We will not refund any money on products which have been opened and or used. Product must be accepted/received by company prior to a refund. Foggers send to manufacture for fixing.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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